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Co-op students calibrate precision condensers at General Radio's first headquarters in Cambridge

A Northeastern Nursing co-op students feeds an infant at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

Donald Budge, B'52, works on his co-op at John Hancock Insurance Company in Boston.

This image depicts the aftermath of a bombing on Wall Street, carried out by followers of Luigi Galleani. This event occurred during the Molasses Flood trial, and lended credibility to the argument of the defense lawyer that the tank had actually…

An article from Northeastern Magazine discussing the future of cooperative education at Northeastern under new Vice President Jane Scarborough.

A female student stands in front of Gillette headquarters in South Boston, where she was on co-op.

In his opening statement, the prosecutor, Damon Hall, describes the impact of the flood. Over the course of the trial, he would call many witnesses to give first hand accounts of the destruction. The prosecution argued that US Industrial Alcohol had…

This is the testimony of Dennis Sullivan, who delivered oil and gasoline to houses in the North End area. He was making a delivery when the wave of molasses swept him 90 feet. While he was rescued from the deluge, others were not so lucky.
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