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The old Orange Elevated Line at Forest Hills Station.

Postcard which depicts Copley Square and Trinity Church

A local Boston musician's song about the Arnold Arboretum

This video gives a modern context to the molasses flood, showing where the tank would have been in relation to today's structures.

This article was published by the Boston Globe on February 7, it includes an updated list of deaths. Following the flood, two divergent theories developed as to the cause of the disaster. Many believed that the flood was a result of a lack of…

Today, a plaque in the North End commemorates the Molasses Flood, but many of the details of the event have been forgotten.

A clipping from the Cambridge Tribune which announces the Purity Distilling Company's intention to make industrial alcohol (instead of alcohol for consumption). The molasses from the North End tank was transported to a distilling site in Cambridge…

This data table shows the influx of Italian immigrants during the early 1900's. Immigration reaches a peak in 1907 when over 285,000 immigrants enter the United States. Boston's North End became a home for many of these immigrants.

Headline after President Wilson announced his intentions to involve the United States in World War I. This development meant a boom for the molasses industry. Molasses was fermented to produce industrial alcohol, which could then be used for…

1886 Oil Painting of the view of the Boylston side of Boston Common at Twilight
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