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ECDA | Classroom

The ECDA Classroom is dedicated to facilitating a teacher-student collaborative study of pre-20th century Caribbean cultural and textual histories. We invite teachers and students to become members of the ECDA Scholars and Student-Scholars Labs by signing up for a free ECDA Scholars account here.

While all materials of the ECDA are free and open-access to all interested publics, becoming a member of the scholars labs provides you with direct access to the community of educators, scholars, and student-scholars currently working on the development of the ECDA through collaborative knowledge building practices with ECDA primary and secondary source materials.

The ECDA community is enthusiastic about promoting student based scholarly practices and the generative integration of pre-20th century Caribbean cultural histories and texts into student research & digital analysis methods and original scholarly work.

Please visit our Teaching Materials and Project Guides page for primary and secondary source materials for the teaching of pre-20th century Caribbean texts and contexts, as well samples of student-scholar orignal research and writing that has been integrated into the site. See, for example, the student-scholar designed Google Engine Mapping project (Lindi Nguyen and Gabriel Feldstein) and the scholarly introduction to Louis Asa-Asa (Gregory Lum). The work by Nguyen, Feldstein, and Lum, three student-scholars in Professor Nicole Aljoe's Slave Narrative course at Northeastern University (Spring 2014), has made significant contributions both to the ECDA project and our community's understanding of these primary source materials in context.