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Early Caribbean Slave Narrative

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The Early Caribbean Slave Narrative Exhibit aims to present the testimonies and life narratives produced in the Caribbean by and about “dictated and written testimonies of enslaved black human beings,” (Davis and Gates “The Language of Slavery” xii). Caribbeanist scholar Nicole N. Aljoe argues that "just as the institution [of slavery] itself was global, so too, was the genre" ("Caribbean Slave Narratives"). Like the US slave narratives, testimony by enslaved people of the Caribbean operated as part of a complex transatlantic/hemispheric print network. And while, like the US narratives, the Caribbean narratives are intended to communicate specific details about the nature and experiences of enslavement, they also push the boundaries of the genre itself in ways that are "quite distinct in form, theme, and content."

This exhibit intends to highlight these distinctions and connections by considering the genre's emergence and development in the multilingual and multicultural contexts of the Caribbean.

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Nicole N. Aljoe