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“The History of Abon Becr Sadika” was published in Volume II (pp. 126-30) of R. R. Madden's, "A Twelvemonths Residence in the West Indies, During the Transition from Slavery to Apprenticeship: with Incidental Notices of the State of Society,…

"Speech by a Black of Guardaloupe, at the Funeral of a Fellow-Negro. From a Letter from a Merchant at Jamaica to a Member of Parliament in London, Touching the African Trade" (1709), printed London: for A. Baldwin

Negro Slavery Described by a Negro: Being the Narrative of Ashton Warner, a Native of St. Vincent's. With an Appendix Containing the Testimony of Four Christian Ministers, Recently Returned from the Colonies, on the System of Slavery as It Now…

The 1799 narratives of Ashy and Sibell, originally taken down by a white West Indian, John Ford, are reproduced here from Jerome S. Handler's article, "Life Histories of Enslaved Africans in Barbados" (1998).

Contains map of West Indies, from Bryan Edwards' History of the West Indies (1798)

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